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Yep, sounds like we have the same friggin' problem. I assume you never found an effective remedy?
So Far I have NOT found the problem..
As Noted numerous attempts have been made with Bolts, Bolt Heads, Mags Swaps, Chamber Cleaning, Etc....
NOTHING to date has resolved the issue athough I have come to the conclusion that it is EXTRACTOR related..
You will notice my Reference to Case RIM Measurements and their variances.. When the RIM measurement is under a Certain dimension Feeding, Chambering, and EXTRACTION are PERFECT.. The Gun ALSO shoots/Works perfectly When I remove the Bolt and snap a Round under the extractor and feed from the rear of the receiver.. NO ISSUES at all when doing this..
For ME it is not a Mag/Feed issue as the Rounds are Picked up cleanly and moved forward towards the Chamber in what I believe to be the Correct manner, since the MOSIN is NOT a Controlled FEED System ALA Mauser the Round is NOT under the extractor until you close the bolt and the Extractor SNAPS over the Rim anyway.. I have done this process (SLOWLY) many times and there is an Audible SNAP when this happens, with MY 44 this is the PROBLEM AREA..
I plan on trying something another member mentioned here and that is to REMOVE the extractor and try to chamber a Round. IF this works and I suspect it will it would pretty much confirm my Theory, although it would NOT fix it..
Someone has sugeested REMOVING the Extractor and Tweaking it (Like a .45 Extractor) and I will try this as well..
When I first posted my Issue three years ago, It SEEMED I was the ONLY one experiencing this anomaly? MAYBE we will ALL be able to figure out and then help others with what we learn?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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