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Never believe an auction sales pitch !!!!!!

Scopes never match anything , period , as they were numbered starting with 1 or maybe 001 ? Excluding the scopes , the numbers should match . On M-41 snipers , you can find sniper parts matched to the receiver , while others are matching numbered to themselves . However , many M-41 snipers have been recycled & are mismatched . Saying they should be mismatched is bull . The M-41b snipers should have receivers with matching bolts & bolt parts , as well as the barrel , mount , base & scope can . Some have a matching lever & rings and others are mismatched , but most are unnumbered .

There are NO production numbers for any of the Swedish sniper scopes , but we have reported numbers from collectors that give us an idea of the number produced :

Ajack = approximately 4000
AGA M-42 = approximately 914
AGA M-44 = approximately 418

I will bring up another thread on the M-41 sniper that list known scope numbers .
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