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I noticed an auction on Gunbroker for a m41 with an AGA scope. The seller says rifle has all matching #'s but mount, base, rings, and scope are mismatched, as they should be. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I was led to believe that the mount and base and rings should be matched to the bolt, bbl, and reciever. are the m41's different than the m41b's in this aspect?

Also how much more uncommon are the AGA's opposed to the Ajack scopes? Does anyone have some production figures?


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Never believe an auction sales pitch !!!!!!

Scopes never match anything , period , as they were numbered starting with 1 or maybe 001 ? Excluding the scopes , the numbers should match . On M-41 snipers , you can find sniper parts matched to the receiver , while others are matching numbered to themselves . However , many M-41 snipers have been recycled & are mismatched . Saying they should be mismatched is bull . The M-41b snipers should have receivers with matching bolts & bolt parts , as well as the barrel , mount , base & scope can . Some have a matching lever & rings and others are mismatched , but most are unnumbered .

There are NO production numbers for any of the Swedish sniper scopes , but we have reported numbers from collectors that give us an idea of the number produced :

Ajack = approximately 4000
AGA M-42 = approximately 914
AGA M-44 = approximately 418

I will bring up another thread on the M-41 sniper that list known scope numbers .
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