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M39 - what to look for

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I guess you could say I am new to Finn fever. I've been wanting a Finn mosin and from what I've read it seems most people say the m39 is one of the more inherently accurate mosin variations. Is there anything in particular, other than barrel quality, that I should look for. Since these finnish manufactures did such a fine job of fit and finish for such a good reputation of accuracy, what are some of the hallmarks of unissued or still in original condition rifles. I've been checking out the finnish area of but any advice for a novice would be appreciated. I will probably avoid gunbroker since I could easily be duped and will stick to looking at some of the gunboards sponsors websites. Any recommendations for reputable dealers is welcome. This is intended as a shooter and will be frequently at the range with me hopefully. Most of the time when looking for a good shooter I wouldn't care about original conditions but since the Finn manufacturers have a good reputation for accuracy I would like one that hasn't been molested. Curious if my assumptions are correct in what I need to look for for a good shooter.

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I'd like to correct one misconception than started at least twenty years ago..........and won't die.

The m/39's are not heavy barrels. Nominally, there are two different barrels weights of Finn's. They may vary a few thousands, but definitely fall into two catagories. The heavy ones are the stepped m/91-24's, late 1927 Tikka m/91's and the m/27's, m/28's and m/28-30's. The light one's are the unstepped SIG m/91-24's, the early m/91 Tikka's, all of the P26 & 27's, all of the 40's dated Tikka and VKT m/91's, all of the "B" barrels and all of the Tikka m/91-30's. All of the m/39's are of the lighter variety since many of the VKT and "B" barrels are cut down m/91 barrels.

Century started this misconseption back when the m/39 first started being imported, and like I said, it just won't die.
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