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Hi Folks,

I am assuming this is allowed as it would entail no permanent changes.

This is not my auction:

I usually turn stock, surplus, homeless triggers into this type for my Mosins. Makes great use of sight pins that I no longer need! I leave them rolling, like roller bearings. Thought about selling them but I don't trust the liability lawyers.

Now, I only have the measurements and have never seen a stock M39 trigger. But if it's anything like the ones I measure and make, this thing would be most excellent for anyone who wants a much-improved pull without permanent alteration as so many other triggers entail!



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Many of us have safely fitted Finn triggers or stoned the Russian ones to improve action.
I agree that the liability of firearm trigger modifications is not what anybody needs, so no shimming or grinding or "bump test" triggers if you want to keep your house and income. (Bankruptcy does not remove damage awards for nigligence in my state!)

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Auctions are auctions, whether they are yours or not. With that being said, your link does not work.
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