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Let me pile on and I hope the moderators read this.

This is a long thread and the seller is towing the line but the thread is so long and full of outdated replies
that it is useless to determine if the seller has a current production up for sale or not.

These are fine sights. I have two sets. The seller makes batches and releases them. Its so hard for people to
tell if the items are for sale or not .

Moderators: Let MG42 start a new sales thread so this gets simple.

I have buddies who want these sights and wonder ...are they for sale now or not?

/// and Jason aka MG42....answer your emails and come up on the net more promptly, that would help this situation out .

Last comment: Outstanding quality sights, I hope Jason is still making them and you can get them.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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