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M39 D barrel no Rifling the last inch

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I just got a M39 Finn with no rifling the first 1.5 inches of the D otherwords I wish it WAS counter bored. Is there a place that can do it??? How much? Will this rifle be at all accurate with the last inch like a shot gun?? 12 inch groups at 50 yards??? I will post this seperately I think

I am totally discouraged about collecting these now.
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It is counterbored that's exactly what a counterbore is! :D the first 1.5 inches of the rifling was worn out and your crown damaged. If left in this condition that damage would adversely affect accuracy.
With the counterbore only good rifling touches the bullet. The smooth spaces have no effect.
Counterboring is a way of making a rifle more accurate. :D

It's an M39. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the accuracy. :D
There's no way to know if it's accurate or not until you shoot it. Even then it may just be inaccurate with the ammo you use and might be accurate with other ammo.
worn out

only this doesn't look like a counter ridge - rilfing just sort of disappears...after I'm done crying - i"ll go check it again in case I was hallousinating
There is no rifling in a counterbore. Just smooth metal. the new crown is where the rifling starts.
no ridge - failed bullet test

But shouldn't there be a ridge about 1 inch down from the original crown. Not a big ridge, maybe 1mm high. I tried to gently feel it with a dental pick and no ridge. you can't see one either. Barrels do wear out...right? shouldn't there also be wear at the point were the bullet enters the rifling? Now I'm also worried about the head spacing.
You should be able to see where the counter bore ends. Your's may be worn from cleaning rod wear.
look down with a flash light with the bolt open.
more bullet test results

7.7 jap ammo can be fired in a Nagant?? and .303 Brit??? or just M39's? will all m39s "fail" the bullet test?
more bullet test results

I was a little off...the rifling does go all the way to the end, just very faint and hard to see....a bullet poked in from the cown goes all the way it up to the brass. I believe this is refered to as the bullet test...right? Any possibilty the rifle is really chambered for a different calliber??? What does the D marked 1941 in the "D"...seems to me there was a different caliber or barrel bore dimensions???

yes I used a flash light. I guess when you see in the AD "strong rifling" ...well, not all rifles have this. And, yes Virginia, there is a limit to how many bullets you can shoot down a barrel. This particular rifle has maybe 30% of the rifling remaining with less towards the ends

Anyone want to buy an M39 1941 VKT SA real cheap??? HEY, it has a real nice trigger pull that goes off with a stiff breeze...kinda like you broke it in by firing about 15,000 rounds through it.
Fire it!

Plain and simply put fire the darn thing before you condem it! What you are describing is a counter bore and that is what people are trying to tell you! Don't sell it till you try it out Period! Better yet don't fix it till you fire it and find out for sure there is something wrong with it. Oh and do listen to what else people are saying try and bring a couple of different types of ammo to see if it likes one better than another. Good Luck! Bill
What I'm reading here is that the rifling is worn at the muzzle and the rifle needs a counterbore. It will improve accuracy, but by how much remains to be seen.

Nothing to lose by trying, I guess... and try shooting it first, just to see. :)
It still sounds like a rod worn muzzle by the description given. I would do as others have recommended and take it to the range first, and test fire it. You might me surprised and find that it still shoots Ok. Look at the posted picture of a counter bored muzzle on a related post on this forum, it shows clearly what a counter bored muzzle should look like. Good luck with it!
pictures hard to take

Here are some pictures of the bore end....doesn't really show much - how do you take good pistures of a bore???
Now all I need is some ellipticle bullets
maybe I can shoot around in the movie "Wanted" and have Angelena Jolie and Morgan Freeman as my shooting instructor.
Damn! An elliptical bore. :confused:
Almost looks like the segmental rifling in an Arisaka. :)

Seriously, though, with a shape like that, it's not counterbored, or it would lok round. Hard to tell more just from the photo, but based on the description if the muzzle end of the rifling really does look excessivly worn, any competent gunsmith should be able to counterbore it for you.
just SHOOT me

hey, it might be fine. I just hate to invest the time and ammo into a lost cause. Maybe I should get another M39 and this one could be my parts gun???

So ...are some 30 calliber bullets larger than others??? I have reloading dies for my 7.62x54 AND .300 WIN MAG. and I think the bullets are the same diameter but the .300 mags are heavier and longer. Heavier bullets need to spin faster??? right?
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