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M28/30 bore size question

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I have read so much on these rifles Im going stircrazy. I see the "D" marking on the barrel shows its good for the russian 762X54 round. Many of these rifles I have seen, even right up to 40, or 41 do NOT have the "D" on the barrel. Surely these rifles were not discarded during wartime as every one of them would have been a valuable weapon. Therefore, are these rifles safe to fire the russian light ball ammo? If its got the "D" I'd assume its been modified in some way, but so many are NOT stamped with the "D", I cant believe these rifles were not used in battle, using whatever captured ammo came along. Can they be shot today using the silver tip russian light ball round? Thank you, Carol
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I dont think the 'D' stamp has anything to do with bore diameter so slugging wont help. I believe throats were relieved to allow the proper chambering of the D166 bullet which if not performed would otherwise not chamber or perhaps allow the bolt to close on a sloppy chamber sticking the bullet into the lands creating a situation whereby pressures could spike.
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