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It was a very good year? :D

Okay, seriously, here's a breakdown.

1 - hex receiver
3 - earlier round receivers (I know, one is an example, but I'm a sucker for these "rebuilds". Besides, one is an Izhevsk receiver and the other two are Tula receivers but one of them a hardwood stock and one a laminated stock, so all three are unique.)
1 - Soviet "zig-zag" spliced stock
1 - MO marked
1 - "Albanian" stocked
1 - Hungarian stock with Kossuth crest on the barrel
1 - DDR marked with hardwood stock
1 - DDR marked with laminated stock
1 - Instructie marked
2 - Exercitiu marked (I know, duplicates, but how many people have even seen one! Besides, one is marked on the barrel and the other on the receiver.)
1 - Nothing special about it really. I bought a "case lot" way back from Aztec. It's actually still in the box as trading fodder.
1 - Yugoslavian 1.TRZ marked
1 - laminated stock with hardwood toe (also DDR marked)
1 - low wall (very uncommon for 1945) also laminated stock with hardwood toe (I'm also a sucker for unusual stocks)
1 - low wall (another duplicate) with "mixed" sling slot escutcheons of pressed rear, bottom liner in the front.

The grand total is actually 18 1945 dated M44s, but many of them are unique. I could probably get rid of about 6 of them and still have all the same variations covered, but I enjoy rifles a lot more than money in the bank, so why not keep them?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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