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I presume your use of the term "gas plus" relates to the gas cylinder lock screw, which is NOT the G.I. solid type commonly used on match rifles. It's some kind of aftermarket thing for people who don't have the tools, I suppose.

It's been refinished and probably quite recently. It is unlikely that's G.I. finish. The 1944 barrel is obviously not original to the rifle, and it is not as good a barrel as later specimens albeit it'll be fine if it gauges properly and is undamaged. It was a spare somewhere. You might want to check breech finish/condition and see if the "flats" are chromed. It is a very desirable barrel to a collector. If it were perfect and unmodified, an authentic '44 barrel can go for far more than an original fifties barrel. That's because of collector pressure.

You probably have a CMP mixmaster. But it could be a private job.

The stock is apparently not original, but that's just a "best guess".

If you didn't pay too much, it might be a very fine rifle.

The G.I. style solid gas cylinder lock screw configuration is illustrated by the accompanying image. Nothing like that thing, which is not only "aftermarket", but of a pure civvy and non-specification type.


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