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M1 Carbine Paratrooper Stock ?

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Not sure if this is correct/honest US stock. On the right side where the op rod runs the wood is cut low exposing the op rod. unlike a regular carbine I have; also there is a number 10 in a circle or IO stamped on the inside bbl channel. The Butt Plate seems to be correct and there is no handguard. The handguard OP cuts I have do not line up with the low cut in the stock.What do you think...Thanx
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Photos required. Second contract have low wood.
And a lot of the first contract M1A1 operating rod slot high wood stocks were modified to low wood configuration during the huge post WW2 arsenal rebuild process as were standard M1 carbine stocks. Clear photos would help greatly.
I have a USGI M2 stock and a four rivet handguard that have oprod cuts that do not line up; respectfully, many people seem to feel that this was some kind of precision fit and all lines on the wood should match up if the wood is "USGI", and I can't help but wonder if that expectation is unrealistic. Firstly as mentioned, many stocks went through conversion from high to low wood. Secondly there was a war on and 1/4" too long of a cut with the mill that doesn't effect fit or function? They would have accepted it. Definitely need photos
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The pic just in front of the mag well shows IO or 10 in the upper RH corner of the cut.

The pic clear to the front has an un-discernable looks as if it was an intended mark???
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From what I can make out the rivets look right on the cheek piece and if the metal wire/tube is hollow not soild and there is a small ord wheel and stamps on the bottom of the pistol grip chances are the stock is original, Ray
Here's a few photos of my M1A1 Paratrooper carbine so you can compare the stocks. Mine is still in the high wood configuration.


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From what the pictures show, it looks all original.
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