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M-N date of manufacture?

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I have two Mosin-Nagants, both Izhevsk manufacture, one round and one hex. The round receiver M-N is dated 1942. I don't see a date on the M-N hex receiver. Is there a place to figure it out based on serial number?
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Are we talking barrel shank date or receiver tang dates? Pics would be helpful.
Numbering started anew each year, so that won't help. Hex receivers were used at Izhevsk until 1935, there are exceptions where hex receivers were reused at later dates. Have you checked for a date on the underside of the tang of the hex receiver? Odd that the rifle does not have a date, other characteristic features, pics?
Is the rifle without a date a scrubbed M91? Methinks pics are a must.
I just got it and it is my first M-N. I found the date on the receiver - it was covered by cosmoline. It is 1925. Thanks for the responses. I'm used to vintage firearms where you have to determine the date of manufacture by the serial number and manufacturer.
Excellent...but we still want pictures!! :)
Are these both M91/30 configuration? (flat rear sight leaf, globe and globe front sight, 28-3/4" barrel including threaded portion inside receiver)

Many 1942 and newer Izhevsks had lightly struck dates. And even with a hex receiver, some (a very few) can be dated in the early 1940's. Check in good light from different angles. A date might actually be there.
They are both M91/30s - one is a round receiver and laminated stock (1942 on receiver), and the other is a hex receiver dated 1925. I just got them from J&G Sales and they are covered in cosmoline. I'm used to the goo - I have an assortment of military Mausers. My only other Russian is a Tula SKS. Got to get these two cleaned up and out to the range. BTW, from the outside they look great - of course they are refinished and the wear & tear of WWII doesn't show, but I am well satisfied so far. Numbers match on all the parts I can see.
What is the serial number on the one without the date? At least you will be able to tell if it is pre or post -1938 by the Cyrillic prefix or lack thereof.
It does have a date (1925), I just didn't see it at first because of the cosmoline.
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