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M-h carbine ic ii ???

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Have any of the experts out there heard of an IC II? It is marked HRB Co. 1894, and looks like a cavalry carbine. It is smoothbored, but that may be a later mod. My first thought was a Khyber Pass knock-off, but on close examination, it is indeed an authentic HRB Co. product. It was modified at some point with a butt swivel, and an extra band between the nosecap and middle band. The extra band is very crude looking, and is held in place by a pin on either side. I don't have a picture, but I might be able to get one next week. As I said, it looks like a standard cavalry carbine. ?????
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For that matter, a smle barrel has the SAME threads as a martini.
What would be required is making the extractor cuts, and a chamber reamer would be needed as the Enfield barrel does not have a recess for the cartridge rim.
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