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just joined this site. didn't know it existed. i was on another site looking for something and this site was suggested. what i am looking for is a "ad-on" pidtol grip for a swede 1896 . it is called a "marksman mod." a std. 1896 that had apeture rear and gobe front sight added; for use in civilian competition.. anyway there was a pistol grip that came with a longer rear action screw and a wood screw. a metal plate was added to the underside of the grip and it was screwed to the stock and triggerguard. there was someone that made these; but its been many years ago. any help??

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Metzgeri has not made any of those grips in a long time . He has not been on the Forum either . I have seen one sell for $300 or more on EBAY . They do not show up very often . Best to try and make your own . I
have made the longer screw . $10 each plus shipping .
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