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I was not aware of this, but then I found it just hidden within another serial numbers thread, and thus will conserve it for further research:

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Posted - 05/09/2006 : 09:48:39 AM
Originally posted by Aethelbert
DMala, I have an M-41, serial #QP 1088, mfg'd at Armaguerra-Cremona. Hope this is what you are looking for.
Aethelbert, Armaguerra M41s come with two variations in the handguard (first noticed by D. Franchi, if I recall correctly), the later type (which appears just around the serial number of yours) ends at the rear band, while the earlier type like for Terni M41s extends a little bit (maybe 2"?) past the rear band, towards the front. Which type do you have (assuming the handguard is not an obvious replacement)? Thanks

Posted - 05/10/2006 : 05:13:20 AM

The handguard on my M41 ends at the barrel band.
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