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I think that the late 1941s or early 1942 may be where you begin see the transition. My 41 came with the screw in liners, but that came from Finland. Most Finn captured M38s I have seen are 1941s and most again have the screw in liners. PAshutr3 just grabbed one that is 1941 and has a screw in front and empty in the rear. There ya go for transition.
Vic states that 1943 also saw the front and rear sling slots being changed in a production expediency measure. The deletion of the screwed in sling escutcheons in favor of a simple unprotected slot in the rear and a metal reinforced bottom in the forend to prevent the thinner wood from cracking. in his M38 article

I suspect the real transition came in 1941 as well.
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