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Hi Fellows,


I attended the Al. Collectors show last week & bought what was left of a Bubba'd M-27 -marked 1934- it has a down pointing triangle with a T - Tikkakoksi barrel!
One of 6000.... The stock was a mess- cut down - all metal removed. Blueing is about 70/80% The bedding points destroyed!
I bought the action on the spot, at what I thought was a good price.

I had a old takeoff M/N 91-30 stock at the house . I carfully enlarged the barrel channel on the stock & thinned the already thin handguard to accept the thicked barrel.
I took it out to Ft. Gordon -rifle rifle in Augusta GA. & shot it yesterday.

I did take the prudent step to wrap rifle in two layers of carpet & fired three shot to make sure BUBBA did not destroy the action too.
There were two steel targets at 200 yards, hit them with the remainder of the 20 round box of ammo!
The result was the rifle is a fine SHOOTER & a KEEPER!

Now the Question!
What would YOU do, locate a proper stock or let it sit in the doner stock because according to Mr. T Lapin's book on the M/N some M 27 rifles were originally made that way.

PLEASE post your thoughts! I have mixed feelings about what to do.

If anyone knows where a full M-27 stock is for sale, please let me know in a PM

Thanks for your help,
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