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Hi Fellows,


I attended the Al. Collectors show last week & bought what was left of a Bubba'd M-27 -marked 1934- it has a down pointing triangle with a T - Tikkakoksi barrel!
One of 6000.... The stock was a mess- cut down - all metal removed. Blueing is about 70/80% The bedding points destroyed!
I bought the action on the spot, at what I thought was a good price.

I had a old takeoff M/N 91-30 stock at the house . I carfully enlarged the barrel channel on the stock & thinned the already thin handguard to accept the thicked barrel.
I took it out to Ft. Gordon -rifle rifle in Augusta GA. & shot it yesterday.

I did take the prudent step to wrap rifle in two layers of carpet & fired three shot to make sure BUBBA did not destroy the action too.
There were two steel targets at 200 yards, hit them with the remainder of the 20 round box of ammo!
The result was the rifle is a fine SHOOTER & a KEEPER!

Now the Question!
What would YOU do, locate a proper stock or let it sit in the doner stock because according to Mr. T Lapin's book on the M/N some M 27 rifles were originally made that way.

PLEASE post your thoughts! I have mixed feelings about what to do.

If anyone knows where a full M-27 stock is for sale, please let me know in a PM

Thanks for your help,

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I'm assuming you mean it has a Tikka barrel? There is only one known 1934 Vk.T at the moment.

M27 stocks are tough to find, I believe there are several people already in the hunt. Good luck.

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I encountered my M27 in nearly the same condition. Fingernail polish on the front sight. At least the metal was not chopped. Original winged bolt too. I too am seeking a M27 stock. Bubba chopped this original M27 stock unfortunately. There was about a 3 inch section of handguard, and a rear barrel band lol. At least I have that band. Still seeking a handguard and nosecap. It is a fine shooter though!

But if you want to shoot it, then it may have to reside in the donor stock until you can find something else to replace it. Could be a tough find though. Or just get another M27, and swap stocks when you want to shoot one or the other. Stop's suggestion could be an option if you have something rare. PICS!

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Orphan barreled actions? Love 'em.

I have found stocks and furniture for several orphan Finn actions, a B barrel M39 and an M27. It's a long and expensive process, but fun.

I have my really rare perfect 1907 carbine action in a 91/59 stock because I'll never get a correct stock and handguard -Bubba chopped up the original, may he rot in Mosin hell, doomed to saw up stocks for all eternity.

I just completed a once-plastic-stocked beautiful NEW and am eagerly awaiting an orphan M91 VKT action so I can start the search all over.

Beats letting them stay Bubba-ed and saving lost puppies is entertaining, though it often costs more than just buying an intact example to start with.

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I can see both ends of this same stick. Can be rewarding, but so can sticking your hand in a vice! I have restored one 28/30, 3 M28s and one M27. It is gratifying to complete something and have it looking like it should. But when you have $450 in a $350 rifle it does enter my mind that someone else should be the hero. To me this is a hobby so I can justify paying to much or spending too much to restore a rifle that is worth less in the end. But for me who does not have bundles of money and even less bundles of spare stocks and other parts, I question why I do it? Have sworn off of it too and as soon as I promise God and myself no more, I buy two more M28s that only need a little. Guess you just have to listen to the voices and remember to take your meds and it will all work out in the end.
Regards, John.

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...I had a old takeoff M/N 91-30 stock at the house . I carfully enlarged the barrel channel on the stock & thinned the already thin handguard to accept the thicked barrel.
The result was the rifle is a fine SHOOTER & a KEEPER!
I think you have done the right thing, so far.

If it's a rare year, buying another M27 and swapping stocks to have one fantastic rifle makes lots of sense. Maybe you'll luck out and find just a stock.
Till then it's just fine.

I'd keep the 91/30 stocked one because I 'made' it. Wouldn't be worth much anyway.
You must show us pics though.

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I would keep it in the replacement stock till you find an original stock and metal to complete it. I have purchased a M27 stock off ebay. Bubba had stripped it, but no sanding - I placed a pleasing finish on it & hope to find a M27 barreled action to someday place in it. The metal for a M27 stock rarely comes up for sale - I found all the necessary pieces, but it took a while - Keep an eye on all the online auctions & be prepared to pay more for the parts. as many other folks want to restore their rifles as well.

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