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I am trying to determine what sight two actually is and what rifle it was made for. At first i thought 48c for a 1903 springfield but then i noticed a different reciever face on the back where it mates to the riflr reciever (see photo 3). It is definately different than the sight on the left . It also has a different style numbering and control turret configerations. Any thoughts on sight two would be helpfull. Fair market on it would also be helpfull. My guess is that two is for a 1903 ? Is one for a different rifle or just a latter model c for a 1903?

the sight on the left

1. is stamped lyman 48c
2. is all matching
3. has a slide ending with 125
4. larger numbers on slide turret than sight two
5. 1/2 moa adjustments

sight on the right
1. non matching, has a slightly longer slide
2. has small numbers on the verticle slide turret (much smaller)
3. labeled lyman patent pending on the top of base (see picture 1)
4. has a different style horozontal adjustment knob and verticle turret knob
5. slide ends in 125


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Lyman Series 48

Your matching number Lyman 48 sight appears consistent with the Lyman 48C “second" production style configuration. So also the base of your questioned 48 is of this second model. Thus both of your sights incorporate the so called “full block” style base. This, as opposed to the later “half block” of the third style, required that considerable stock material be removed to accommodate the installation. (The half block style is scalloped outward to retain the slide support while providing clearance for the stock to tuck under this extended support; this ’theoretically’ without requiring a stock cut.)
The questioned 48 is more of a conundrum. As noted in previous posts, the base does appear consistent with the 48M, adapted to the mauser 98 military and Oberndorf sporter configurations. This observation is partially supported by the clip loading detent. Yet the slide assembly with its horizontal step configuration does not appear consistent with the 98M. I suspect it is likely from a Springfield model 48C.

This whole situation reflects a significant problem where differing 48 rifle model components are mixed. Not only can the inscribed slide elevation graduations be incorrect, but the slide may not seat sufficiently to facilitate close range adjustment. The knobs on the questioned one are also inconsistent as noted. Between Lyman style variations, overlapping production changes and rebuilds, various knobs/related assemblies tend to show up on the models 48, some of which are now approaching a century old. Esthetically they should be consistent. Yet more important, their graduations and the minute divisions should be correct and consistent between vertical and horizontal adjustments. The tentative conclusion is that the questioned 48 is likely a considerable mismatch. If the base is mauser, it might still mount and function acceptably on such a rifle, though probably sacrificing reliably indexed adjustment. The below photos reflect correct and original Lyman 48 configurations as mounted on a commercial Oberndorf Mauser sporter and an Springfield NRA sporter. In viewing, just the caveat that original knob styles varied even within specific rifle designated models/production periods/basic production styles.

My take.


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