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I had a Lyman folding peep on a M-S Model 1903. I gave that rifle to my son. The sight was quite the gadget, an overcomplicated compromise, like most accessories for the M-S. I am fond of the Mannlicher-Schoenauer (my grandmother was from Steyr) and I still own one M-1903, but I am aware of their design deficiencies.

The great thing about the Lyman 35 for the Mauser 98 is that no modification to the rifle is necessary, no drilling and tapping and only a minimal shaving of a sliver of wood from beneath the bolt stop.

The first Lyman advertisement (see below) shows a Lyman 35 without the click adjustable height dial.

I found pictures of the Oberndorf Sporter compound contour front sight hoods in an old Mauser catalog. I now know what to look for but not sure I will find any.

The serial number on the Type M 30-06 in my photos is 87505. Only a few numbers away from yours. Probably made the same day?

1 - 5 of 9 Posts