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I see that SGammo is now offering some Russian LVE 7.62x54R Extra Match.

I'm requesting information concerning a comparison between the above ammunition and the offerings form Widener's and Graf & Sons.|830|853

Since the Extra Match at SGammo is part of the Wolf performance line would it be boxer primed? Or would one be better served by purchasing some of the PPU match 7.62x54R ammunition form Graf & Sons?

Or is there really that much difference between the PPU 182gr Match ammunition and the "Normal" PPU 182gr ammo?

Information gathered from this post will assist me in selecting a base line ammo to use for comparison when I start reloading for this caliber (7.62x54R).

I guess someone will say something to the effect that it will depend on the components you use to reload with. So here is what I have and am thinking about using.

Cartridge Case - Lapua or Primed Winchester

Bullet - 200gr Lapua D166

Primers - Federal Large Rifle or Wolf Large Rifle. ( If I use the Winchester Brass those would be Win Primers )

Powder - Vihtavuori N140 or N150 or N160

So which ammo should I use as a standard to do my reloading to? What if any experience do/have you had with any of the above ammunition offerings.

Thank You for you time and information.

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The ammo at SGammo is LVE extra...nice 2010 date compared to 1960s mfg on some of the other imports. I do not see any real "Wolf" connection unless they were the importer. Expect it to be Berdan/Corrosive.
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