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The only $500 Lugers I've seen lately were beat,pitted,mismatched,ugly,and not even worthy for parts!

Expect to pay at least $750 and up for a decent shooter,maybe cheaper if looks do not bother you.

I paid $800 not too long ago for a nice shooter,and that was a great deal.I also passed on quite a few in the $600 range,as they were not worth it.Some of these things looked like they were unsafe to fire.Corroded bores/frames,loose parts,missing parts.

I think some people will actually take a pile of corroded Luger parts and assemble them and try to sell it as a working gun.

Some idiot at a recent gunshow was selling a beat,pitted,import-marked Luger for $1800,claiming it came from his uncle who took it from the corpse of a dead nazi officer.At the end of the show,he was upset that nobody bought anything from him,and he didn't even make enough money to cover his table fee.
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