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lottery winning fantasy

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WHEN I win the lottery i am going to buy ten Mauser 98Ks- my floor mounted folding rack holds ten, and also ten of everything it takes to be a German soldat reenactor, then i can be the CO and have everyone in my unit swear an oath of loyalty to me personally. hey its not without precedent. everyone will have a Rosetta stone, or its equivalent , and we will all speak gut deutsch. Arrive in an Opel Blitz usw. Oh , except for me i will be in the Mercedes 17 or the kublewagen.
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I'd buy the state of NJ and kick out all the liberals and anti gunners.There would be a gun club in every town with outdoor ranges out to 600 yds.Every county would have an indoor range up to 600 yds for winter shooting.And lastly all bridges and tunnels connected to NY would be decommissioned.Pa residents would be welcomed with open arms.
Amen to that. As a fellow New Jerseyian I know exactly what your talking about. I guess our fellow residents have never heard of the second amendment....
They only believe in the ones that fit their agenda.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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