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Depends what you want it for ...
I like a Mossberg and several other brands over an 870 for various features/functions. It all depends on what you want to shoot with it. Clays? Birds? Deer? People?
It can be specific to purpose. How it fits and how it swings for you, as applied to how you use it, is what matters. A shotgun is a shotgun and they all do the same thing. Some feel right and some don't when you pick it up and shoulder it.
I don't hunt or shoot clays often but a good shotty is a necessity in the inventory of guns one must have.

For an all purpose shotty, the 870 is like the AK of shotguns. Been around forever. Every conceivable part and accessory ever known to man easily available and cheap. In the event of SHTF, likely to be able to find parts for one just about anywhere. Practically indestructible and never wear out. Not over priced as many other brands tend to be. Mine is in a bag with several barrels, pistol grips, stocks and accessories. Easily converted in minutes to whatever purpose suits the day with simple tools. Can't beat a pump action for reliability. So few moving parts that hardly anything ever goes wrong with them and easily broken down and cleaned even in the dark!
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