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Morning all,
My sister is dating a guy who often shoots sporting clays and she asked me to find her a shotgun. Now, my sister is 40 and a compeitive mountain biker and athlete but she's only 4'11" tall. If figured this would relegate her to smaller calibers like 16 or 20 and to a youth sized shotgun. I ran across the CZ 720 youth on my search on the internet, but I can't seem to find any independant reviews of it. I live nowhere near any place that stocks them, so I would have to order it sight unseen. So, here's to hoping one of you has seen/handled/fired this one. It looks like an entry level semi-auto gas blowback design (like an 1100/1187?). The size looks OK. Sine my 10 year old daughter is about the same size I thought she could use it bird hunting too. Anyway, all opinions (and and other guns in the sub-$500 range) would be greatly appreciated.
Doc van Phil
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