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Looking for more help on #4Mk1 sniper project

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I appreciate the help and info of a few weeks ago since my renewed interest in
Enfields. Now, with more spare time I am getting serious about making a scoped
shooter (no permanent mods) of my #4 Mk1 Longbranch.
I saw lots of nice B Squares mounted in some other threads. I gather these are ~$80
or so. For a little more I found a repro mount at Numrich that looked nicer, but the
ad mentions no mounting pads are available. What are these mounting pads?
Any feedback on these mounts?
Next, I saw at APEX some complete stock sets (though mine is matching and the metal
is nice, the wood (particularly the butt) is beat up. The pic looks nice and the price
isn't bad ($35) But then I noticed someone else (SS?) offering new stock parts individually
for not much more. Input on this?
Lastly, APEX also had original cheekrests, but $80 is a bit much for me. Any repros out there?
Anyone got one they can loan for me to copy in my buddy's woodshop?
Any help or input is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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Your wood is about as nice as you will find. No.5 wood is scarce.
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