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I enjoyed all the Browning Hi Pics. I also have taken a liking to them. I have one that I have a question on that maybe you can answer. About three years ago I picked a 613 Waffenamt marked hipower in the 58,000 serial range. Tangent sight and no stock slot. The gun came with a nice holster and extra mag. Finish on both mags is identical so I would have to think that they have been together for a long time. I am going from memory here because the gun is at home and I am at work but I believe both mags are also 613 marked and one mag is serialed to the gun. Now I know mags where not serialed from the factory so who did it? I would have to assume that the gun is a vet bring back as it was purchased in a shop for an unbelivable price to settle an estate.
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