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Looking for ballpark value of minty K98

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I have a friend who just was handed down a K98 from his grandfather. The rifle is like new as it was picked up from a WWII battlefield while it was still in the "bag". No import marks obviously. The numbers all match. It includes the cleaning rod, the bayonet, and the sling. Deep bluing. It appears to have a laminated stock with cupped buttplate. It is a BYF 44 code. He is not looking to sell this rifle or any of the accessories but wanted to know the approximate value for insurance purposes. A high and a low number would be great and some reasoning why for each would be even better. He would also like to know more about this rifle. I will try to help him but I don't know a great deal about these myself. Thanks!
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Well ball park figures can be pretty varied for a 98k. Best thing to do wouild be post some pictures. While many will look at a 98k and think it is "Minty" there can be great differences between what a collector considers minty, and what the average person considers minty. One thing on these often messed with is the stock. GI's had a tendancy to sand and oil the stocks, so while it may look nice to the average person, a stock like that could hurt the ultimate value. Other things like markings on bayonet and it's condition can impact value by a couple hundred bucks. Sling also.

That all said low end $600 to high end of $1400 but again, pics would help narrow that down.
A not very "minty", but all matched dou43 sold on Gunbroker for $1800+ just last week.
Does this mean ALL matched 98's are worth 18?
Maybe not, but at nation wide auction, prices have jumped up $600 this year alone.
A dou43 is a more difficult find than a 44 Obie, and could be worth more, but I think if he is guessing at replacement value for insurance reasons, he better not guess low, so my advice is $1400/$2000.
One man's minty is another man's 90%.
I'd think a cherry/mint byf44 would easily pulled 2K or more.

Same rifle if only 90% 500 less. Mint K98s are rare birds...

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that's disgusting BiO ;) I'd give $2k for that one and I've paid $300-425 for late block byf 44s in the same shape back in the day. Many people abuse "mint", which to me means something with about zero wear and zero use prangs. "Mint" means a true 99% firearm. "Mint" and "99%" are the most abused gun carnie terms today.

Anyway, if the rifle is a true 95%+, which is "excellent condition", I'd value it at $1500 to $2000 for insurance purposes, which is consistent with the advice you've been given. Post some pics and get your grandfather to write out a letter attesting to how and where he got it.
While I think we all agree that prices on clean 98k's are jumping, you are assuming that his example is in fact Minty.

Since they both are said to not know much about them, I think I would first get it established that it is indeed mint first before quoting huge prices without the alternative lower end prices that he was also asking for.

While we are all a bit thrilled that our stuff is worth more, and more, best to be a bit conservative on estimates as not every day selling a 98k is a good day, and some days the bidders/buyers for a minty yet common byf44 are not always there. That is why I stand by my $1,400 high end figure. It might do better, and if it does fine, but I wouldn't want to get anyone's juices flowing and expecting $2k+ when it might not happen.

Of course if all you want is an insurance $ Figure, yes $2500 - $3500....but that is only a figure for paperwork, and has little to do with reality.
OH....for sure a consideration is that there would be a price difference between an early byf44 and a late byf44....and yes Bob's is a very nice example!
I was given some pics from my friend but they are too dark for posting online. I will try to get some from him or go take some with my camera. I will also see about getting the same with the accessories. His grandfather is in poor health now so that getting more details isn't really an option. Thanks again for the help so far.
New information and pics

I had a chance to look at my friend's K98. It is not minty. :( I'd rate it Excellent but not mint. There are some issues with the finish, particularly the buttplate, the floorplate, some bluing loss on the corners, 2 repaired bands. :eek:
My friend that is one fantastic looking rifle!
I would rate condition at 8+ out of 10.
Those are late war stamped and welded bands, they have NOT been repaired or altered in any way.
Value with that original sling, cleaning rod and sight hood is OVER $1000 and maybe as high as $1600/$1800!
The bayonet

The bayonet number doesn't match. It also has some corrosion on it that needs some attention. I also show pics of what appears to be a belt buckle.

The sling can be seen in the pictures in my previous post.
The bayo's were not serialized to the rifles.
I was talking about the value of the rifle by itself...the other items just make it even BETTER!
Any idea on the value of the bayonet and buckle? He's also got an AC 44 marked P38 which I took pictures of when I was there. His grandfather is unfortunately not very coherent anymore. I don't know when or how the P38 was acquired by his grandfather.

I am helping out a friend, and learning some nice information in the process.
Thanks to all!
Bayos range from $50 to $400, but I can't tell you why or which.
No idea on the buckle, but the re-enactors drool over them..
That pistol could be worth a lot, depending on matched numbers, condition etc...
I've seen them for sale at near $1000 for the right maker, year, condition.
The pistol forum guys will know for sure, but ya gotta post them pics..
That is one smokin collection, no doubt, and I wish it were MINE!
That k98 is better than "minty", it is in obviously original shape. It hasn't been messed with, and it's condition is quite good for a legit bringback, IHMO.

Not really experienced enough to quote value, but certainly a beautiful rifle. If it's just for insurance purposes, I'd call it a $2000 rifle.
Priceless IF his grandfather brought it back.

Should never EVER be sold if that's the case.
If he is into them, then by all means keep them in the family.
BUT if every family hangs onto the bringbacks, how are the rest of us going to collect them?
My dad was in the Navy in the Pacific in WWII and my wife's dad was a left waist gunner in a B24 out of England.
I wish I had some K98's waiting for me in a family member's closet somewhere, but alas, no soup for me...
The rifle is indeed very nice, and would bring near the top end of the pricing scale. I will caution you not to do anything to the rifle except for a little lite oil on the metal. ANY modification or overzealous cleaning even will hurt the value.

Not for sure on the bayo & buckle....will let others who watch those markets closer chime in on them, but off hand safe to figure $100 each in rough numbers....till you get better ones. On the P-38 figure roughly 400 - 700....close ups of markings might change that a bit higher if rarer markings are found, and showing condition better. All in all....NICE STUFF to find.

If family is looking to sell, might want to look around for paperwork giving "Grampa" permission to bring it home....this will ad couple hundred to overall value. Also consider looking for (duplicate or make copies of pictures) of him in uniform to keep with the set. If you find some paperwork and it lists both rifle and pistol on same form....DO NOT sell them seperately. Keep them together and sell them as a package with any other info you can gather on grampa (pics, papers from service, dog tags, patches and the like) it should bring a small premium as a grouping like this rather than seperately.
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What is that number on the chamber of that excellent K98?
HOLD YOUR HORSES. The P.38 is very rare-- it's an FN slide dual tone pistol made my Mauser, byf code normally. These oversize ac44 marked slide guns are very valuable, like in the $2500 range. The pistol is the most valuable item in the lot......
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