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I bought a very sharp, reasonably priced WWII russian capture German Mauser 98K rifle a couple years back. Its a 1938 dated S/42 code, indicating its manufacture from Mauser Waffenfabrik Obendorf am Necker. As typical for prewar 98Ks, it has a dark colored stock with a flat buttplate, quite a few waffenampts on it.

However it has one flaw. Presumably done by the Russians, the original handguard was replaced by a lighter wartime laminate one, making it stand out more noticebly as a two tone look.

I have been looking around for some time, but no luck so far. I have been seeing to many wartime and late war laminates, but none of the prewar dark ones. I was wondering if anyone has any prewar dark colored hand guards on hand that would be willing to sell, or knows where I can find one? I would be interested.

For photo referance, My Mauser 98K is the bottom one, you can notice the color difference of the hand guard from the stock.

I plan to get into WWII german reenactment this summer, so I'm hoping to work on the rifle to make its woodwork a little better "matched".

Best Regards,
Zachary "Fuchs" Fox
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