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I am seeking a particular Czech Mauser K98k rifle with a blond-looking stock, serial number 2275j, with a mismatched bolt (#709) from another manufacturer. When last seen, the blond stock had the National shield carved into the buttstock (no coloring, just the shield with diagonal stripe marked).
If anyone has or has seen this particular rifle, please supply information including contact info and any photos you might be able to produce-
I once owned this Mauser and would like to re-acquire it if that is at all possible--
P,lease contact me via this board ASAP if you can provide any info about this long-missing Mauser- I haven't seen it for over 50 years now, Heaven knows if it even exists any more- but it was the first WWII weapon I ever possessed and I'd love to get her back!
I realize this makes the MegaMillions and PowerBall look like almost-sure things, odds-wise, but I have to try!! Boyhood dreams die hard--
Thank you in advance--

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