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Try Century

I would first try one of the sponsors or Century Arms. My LB came from Century not that long ago and as I recall was around $150. All matching, nice shape, nothing butchered. Getting a good match with another forearm to the existing wood could be a problem.

Here's the deal...

The Good: Excellent 1944 Long Branch, not FTR'd. Matching bolt (including alpha-numeric prefix) and mag has last four digits of serial. Bore is a mint two-groove. Has a MkIII sight (which is correct, I think). Bluing is excellent. Still has oily cosmo from import. Very subtle CAI import mark under muzzle tip (old style).

The Bad: Fore-end cut down sporter-style! [:(]

1. What is the most you would pay for such a project assuming that you really want a nice LB specimen to add to a growing L-E collection? Try to put yourself in my shoes: you really want an LB, so think of the max price you would consider a "must buy".

2. Is there a way to determine a proper replacement LB fore-end? Elaborate...

3. Is a grooved rear handguard "proper" for a '44 LB?
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