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Logged in earlier, got the "Welcome Ronin 48" and posted about a 15-20 minute "help" post on the Type 10 KM. When I tried to post it, I was told I wasn't logged in!!! Just checking.
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I long for the days the only thing I had to know was what the "moo-cow" says.
This could only happen to you ;)
Mutt, I expected some sort of "half-vast' reply from you. Rodent
Check the "Remember me?" box under the log in and it'll keep you on line.
I do, this is written using the old wireless keyboard using the old large monitor running off the new Note Book. Not sure why it's happening though Rampage said he's had the same problem.

Interesting enough, I broke one of my rules by openeing a "Forward" or five on the Health Care bill, one contained a virus. What does that tell you about the demoncratic bill, a Health Care bill with a virus? Our Office Desk top, the one I normally used for Gunboards, is being "debugged"
not on this forum, but I was trying to post on a "double forum" (picked up a cheaper drilling) and it had the same problems. I cleared the cookies, allowed the site, and it still did it. Finally got it fixed but I was a bit "perturbed'....

I have had this happen also and now I do a copy of the post before posting just in case.
Like Doss noted, I have experienced the same issue of losing a long-winded post. My solution is to generate my long reply in a separate Word document and then copy/paste the verbiage into the thread reply. That saves me from cussing a lot and then starting over if the reply is lost.
Yes that is the way to do long ones. Clear the cookies. Clear temp files and then after done reboot the box. Clear them again. Then the remember box is clicked before you type in your info then log in. Your timing out and the cookie is corrupted by something on your PC-maybe that virus which often embedds in the temp internet file folder.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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