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I looked at several Arisakas at a local shop tonight. I wanted to trade in my carry pistol and thought what better thing than another Arisaka?
He has a type 99 short with: dust cover, monopod, mum and I believe a cleaning rod. Not sure if all matching, but was in great shape. It is on consignment so he couldn't budge on the price of $395
He also had a Type 38 carbine with mum. Stock appears real light, possibly sanded? $495
A couple of sporters and another Type 99 short, ground mum, fair condition $190

These prices seem a little high in my eyes, but I really want one of the first two. Of course my trade is the worst pistol ever made in their eyes; S&W sw40F.
But when the son heard I was trying to make a deal for the Arisakas, he said "go pick one out...I hate those things!"
Hoping maybe in a few days he'll take my offer on the consignment monopod rifle; I told him my pistol and $150.
I was going to ask him if the owner would lower his "reserve" with the gun shop....any ideas on tactics?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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