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loading for 8.15x46r

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I have recently acquired an old German bolt action rifle(around 1925) that appears to be chambered in 8.15x46r, a casting will be made to confirm. I have several questions. I am wondering about is making brass. I have seen threads saying you can make it from 30-30 cases and also 34-40 cases. Buffalo Arms Co. said in an e-mail they were waiting on a supply of 38-55 brass to make this round. Buffalo Arms is offering ready made brass but is almost twice the price of 32 40 from Midway. What is the case to start with to get the best results. Second question is about bullet selection, I see a stop ring bullet talked about but how is this better than a straight bullet? Last, once I find and form some brass where can I get loading data. For this round would BP be a better choice than smokeless?
I know this is a lot to ask but other threads are all over the place on answers.
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This may be of interest to you:

It appears there may be enough interest to make it a reality. I can't imagine that there will be another run for quite some time. besides custom mold makers, Your other choice for a "stop ring" mold is to watch ebay for a ideal mold like 311256,(and a few others) which pop up about every 5 years and has a price tag that will make your eyeballs pop out.
And I don't see why you couldn't use 30-30 cases, because if they are making it out of 38-55, that is the "parent" cartridge for 30-30.
I cast the chamber and it is an 8.15x46r so now i am going to buy a set of dies and load a few. I found some cases online now i need some loading data. I tried to PM a fellow who had a set of dies but i dont think its working It should be fun to shoot.
I use 30-30 cases.. You will have to thin the rim a little on the front side to get the bolt to close properly. 13 grains of SR 4759 and a lead bullet will work fine.
I have a system aydt falling block in 8.15 and was buying Norma factory ammo until I started reloading for this round and have used 30/30 brass for years just shorten it and full length size, never had to touch the rim as the Norma and winchester are the same thickness except the Norma has a small chamfer on the back edge to assist in closing the block which never was an issue for me cheers Ian.
I have made 8,15x46R for my Mauser Wehrmannsgewehr ( on a Gew98 Action, pre-WW I) from .30/30 cases, with RCBS die set...simply trim, full length size, and I load with Lyman .323470? cast gas checked lead (Loverin style 200 grain tapered RN). Excellent accuracy at 100 metres.
Powder loads similar to .32Winchester Special or .30/30 for similar weight cast bullet.

NO need to thin case rim ( I used Win. 30/30 cases).

Doc AV
I have a single shot bolt action "stalking rifle" in caliber 8.15x46R. The groove diameter of the barrel is a perfect .316". I have a set of dies from C-H that I ordered once I was sure of the caliber. I have a question--Why is the barrel marked on the underside "7.7mm" along with the other proof details?
The fired casing has all the dimensions of an 8.15x46R.
Any idea when this rifle was made by way of the proof marks? The action is a perfect miniature of a German Model 1871 action and is totally case colored. Bore is mint. I recall one other instance when the Germans messed things up. When they made the old Model 1888, they found that the bullet that they were using (jacketed) was grossly oversize for the barrel dimensions and barrels wore out quickly. Some exploded. They ended up recalling all the rifles and carbines and rebarreling them. So, this "7.7mm" designation in what is clearly an 8.15" bore would not be the first time this occurred!
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I am by no means an expert but the 7.7 probably refers to the bore and not the groove diameter. if the demention on your rifle is .316 groove to groove what is the mesurement from land to land. Some of theese old guns have some fairly deep grooves Having said that the 8.15mm is .320. and .316 is 8.02mm. 7.7 is .303. You could have a barrel with a .316 groove and a ,303 bore. you would have to do some more measuring to find out.
by the way i would love to see a picture or the complete rifle. as for where it was made i suspect it was made somewhere in Germany there are many of these rifles made in small shops all over Europe. I have several of these in various calibers and love to shoot them.
Here is the url of a cluster of photos I have done for this rifle:

I've had this rifle since 2006 and have fired it a little with cast bullets. The safety is also broken and I have to complete internal repair of that. The rifling is deep and your explanation probably is correct. The "7.7mm" indicates bore diameter. Anyway, I'm not going to worry about that! I would really like to find out when it was made. I think the proof markings may be Imperial German.
Hayward, Wisconsin
The crown over the B is a proof mark for the initial proofing of the rifle with Blackpowder i believe. the Other stamp the one that looks like a bird is common in both german and Belgin rifles. It may have a number in the center or a letter below. that could help.
The CrownB was used from the late 1800 up untill about 1939 so that puts you in the ballbark. In my opinion this is a bit later than 1871 (that is the date these actions start showing up) I would think it is no earlier than 1888 based on the bolt Again in my expeience the earlier ones all have straight bolt handles.
I did want to say that that is a nice looking gun. I prize these above all others in my collectiont. The 8.15x46 that i have might just be the most accurate rifle i have ever shot. I use a 316-299 mold and the shoot into one hole at 100 yards. I have one that i have never been able to determine the caliber for its close to a 10.5x57 but not quite. I use a 43 mauser cartridge shortened and necked to .430 and fill it with black powder and it shoots pretty good out to 50 yards the top shoots 38-55 middle is the 44 cal and the bottom is the 8.15.


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