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Posted - 06/09/2005 : 05:01:16 AM
The Clip does NOT "pop up" when the trigger guard button is Pushed, especially with rounds still in it ( ie, clearing your magazine), as the latch has a "hook" on it, and the clip must be depressed slightly, to disengage the hook, then the clip will release. An empty clip simply falls out either on its own, or when a new clip of ammo is loaded the empty falls through the bottom hole.)

Single round loading a Carcano ( with out a clip) is asking for a broken extractor, or a stuck live cartridge, or both.

The principle of the Carcano Loading action is the "Mauser" principle, from which it was copied. The cartridge "rides" up underneath the extractor claw as it is stripped from the clip. This ensures positive feed, and reduces the possibility of "double feed" ( common in the early German Commission 88, and resolved in Mauser's M89 Belgian, and in Mauser's Prototype for the Italian trials of 1890-91. This feature was carried over into the Italian Design ( one piece, two-Lug Mauser type Bolt body etc).

If you must load single rounds, the best way is to take the bolt out, place the cartridge firmly in the bolt face, under the extractor claw, then fit the bolt (trigger down to clear,) and then close the bolt and Fire. The trigger on the Carcano also controls the Bolt stop, so the re-fit the Bolt, the trigger must be pulled until the Bolt head passes the stop.
Other ways of "hand feeding" cartridges are clumsy and usually lead to misfeeds and jams.
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