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Llama Mini-Max .38 Super

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I have handled this pistol a few times in a local gun shop and today decided to take the bait. I am not sure if the finish is brushed chrome or stainless. The barrel is blued. The slide is marked LLAMA MINI-MAX .38 SUPER. The pistol is in excellent condition..except for the EP'd police evidence number on the right side of frame. These pistols sure pack some weight. Will post pics later.
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Nice one in my favorite caliber.

However to clear up one time honored myth the 38 Super is and has long been illegal in Mexico. In fact it is one of the few calibers specifically prohibited in the SEDENA list, available on the internet and the subject of numerous threads in the Mexico Armado forum. Contents are, of course, in Spanish but lists as "prohibida" both 38 Super y 38 Commando (?). The largest semiautomatic pistol which may be licensed is 380 auto.

The 38 Special revolver may be registered but not the 357 mag.

I have always wondered where the "38 Super/Mexico" story started and hear it whenever I take one of my 38 Supers to the range.

Anyway, good shooting.
The 38 Super is great. We owned a ranch on the Rio Grande in West Texas. We would take bets on hitting basketball size rocks in the river 100 yards away. I could walk 38 Supers in within 5 or 6 rounds.

Yeah, the story about 38 Supers being legal in Mexico goes back to when I was there in college. I'll be 65 next month and they were illegal then and now. Gun rags print it and it's a common myth.

Just got back from Mexico City. Those crooks running the place will eventually outlaw everything except stealing everything for themselves.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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