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Some answers

Year of manufacturer - every Spanish pistol has a letter date code. Check the sticky at the top of the forum. It is about Star pistols, but the code is the same.

Hammer not staying cocked? I just finished a refurb of a very ugly .380, and had the same problem. Turns out the sear spring was shifted to the left a very small amount. I pushed it back to the right (centered) so the fingers fell in the right place. It has been fine since then.

Parts - Numrich. Star on this board has some Llama parts I think. There is also a seller on GunBroker that always has some Llama parts listed. That may be the same guy (Jorge).
Also Lee's Gun Parts in irving TX has some parts. And they turn up on ebay.
What parts do you need?

Grips - I think sells them. They also list them on ebay.
I bought some from a guy in Texas recently.
This guy mostly does this as a hobby so you have to be patient, but he does some nice stuff, made to order, at a very reasonable price.
Here's the one I just finished.
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