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Llama .22lr pistol-1977
8 rd magazine OEM
ammo 50rds Winchester M22 40gr RN 1255 fps

Spent cases landed four feet and at the most maybe five away. I edited this as my wife was spotting my shots.
Had five stove pipes.
Three failures to fire (reloaded again in next mag, fired OK)
One failure to load in battery.

I have not broken down the pistol since I received it this week.
Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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It sounds like a classic wrong recoil spring.
Perhaps the previous owner put a different spring in it because he couldn't find the correct one?
The failures to fire.... question.
Was there evidence of the firing pin striking the casing? No strike or a very light strike?
This is common in the older Llamas.

If that is the case, you can try a new firing pin or you can send the slide to me to diagnose. Sometimes some minor
gunsmithing on the existing firing pin solves this issue. Sometimes it makes it better but not perfect.
I sell firing pins for the .22LR on Gunbroker and Ebay. Since I worked on a lot of these Llamas for this issue, I
designed the new firing pin to the adjustments I was making on the old pins. I have had great feedback so far
and I've probably sold 60 or 70 of them. It seems to be a design thing.

Llamas do like to run on the wet side, like all 1911s. Clean the firing pin channel, oil up the slide and frame rails and
put in the correct springs and tell us how it goes!

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I should of picked up a couple of those spent cases to see if they were hitting the rim. I'll check that Monday when we go back out and shoot again.
The recoil spring I pulled out was the same length as yours and rolled straight but yours was a tighter fit on the guide rod.

Cleaned everything up and oiled the rails. With the hammer cocked back and my thumb pushing the hammer down further, racking the slide is very smooth.

I'll shoot again on Monday and let you guys know how it goes.
Thanks again for your help, and the OEM black grips fit great!
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