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Lk Michigan salmon

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Great weather, great fishing w family and friends.

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A nice catch for these days. Fishing and catching fish trumps fishing and catching nothing every time. Looks like things are picking up on the Lake pretty good and the bait fish populations are far more numerous. That’s a really good thing!

Back in the seventies I would crew on charter salmon boats out of the Kenosha harbor on the weekends for the free fishing that a guy could get sometimes and be paid to do it. Setting hooks properly and handing the rod over to the inexperienced rubes to try to bring the fish in was a big part. Back then the Cohos were huge and plentiful and crossed lines was an everyday problem. Multiple large fish at one time was crazy days for sure. Seems like fishing was always good but maybe I’m just recalling the best days.
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I'm wondering if those fish can be eaten?

A friend of mine up on Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) says a lot of the fish they get now are riddled with parasites...she will no longer eat the fish she catches!?!
I wouldn’t eat anything from Lake Huron or Erie but a lot of folks do, especially those big walleye from Erie. To each their own but they are fun to catch.
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