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Damien, you worry me.
With the research you used to do it seems strange that you bring these points up now.
There has been a lot of information sourced over the last 10 years or so, boxes of Archived files accessed at great cost, not always productive.

A search of the data base here and on Milsurps would be helpful.
Just a few points,
1. Barrels were not dated on manufacture, but dated when fitted to action and proofed.
No commercially supplied barrel was dated, but was dated on fitment.

2. Barrels sold to trade were stamped as per directions for travelling armourers, no serial number was transferred, only done at SAF.

3. Heaps, do a search of the archives.
3a. No, done by trade.

References: Specification to Govern Manufacture and Inspection.
India Department Regulations to Guide the Inspection Department.
Minute Paper from Major A.H. Sandford on Inspections to be carried out by Inspection Branch.
Instructions for Factory Viewers, Inspection Staff and Travelling Armourers. 1922

As for H barrels, each different batch supplied from 1934 to 1962, had a one or two letter code on the barrel in front of the knox, a single letter from C in 1932 to P in 1950, then a 2 letter code from AB in 1951 to AO in 1960, there are several cleanskin barrels still in wrap marked AO.
7.62 heavy barrels made by Lithgow are marked AXX

In 1932 9,570 H barrels were made.
1936 3,762, then another batch of 3,987 barrels
1937 1,912
1938 2,871
1939 1,608
1940 3,438....from 1947 to 1960 the Rifle Association placed a standing order of 1,000 barrels( not always supplied)

The National Archives and Trove are your friends.

1,998 Posts
The most up to date information on actual production figures would be Tony Griffiths books. Vol.1 page 239 gives the break down for 1936/37 1,912 H barrels for rifle clubs(in keeping with their 1000 per year standing order) 3,987 Mk.III for conversions/rebuilds, 795 light rifle barrels(no sights, for upgrade to Mk.7 ammo) and converted 3,100 Mk.VI rifles to Mk.VII.
Page 241 figures for 1937/38 H barrels 2,871, Mk.III 4,032, light barrels(no sights)1,595, 3,560 older rifles were upgraded to Mk.VII.

I guess I must have had that 3,987 in the wrong column in my notes, shit happens especially when blind old geriatrics play with modern dangfangle computers.

No Mk.1 Barrels were made after 1932.
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