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Here is my HT medium mount has a 38 dated barrel, maybe a replacement as it has been a target rifle after leaving the military, but has been factory drilled for a sight bed And also has the “p” for paint which is still evident on the action.
In my opinion too much of a coincidence to have had a replacement barrel after service as the target shooters wouldn’t know what the P designates.
More likely is that it is an original H rifle converted to a HT as Doogal suggested.
Also has original Queensland maple furniture With volleys
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28 Posts
have dug my ht out,
It has definitely been a target rifle at some stage but I believe it still has the original woodwork (definitely butt anyways). And barrel.
I guarantee the butt is Queensland maple as is the forend. It was handed in in the amnesty and has been stored poorly but I will get it looking good one day.
The butt has been stained and lacquered but I am 100% confident it is maple.
it has the flecks in the grain and the lightening holes as per early Lithgow and the Lithgow star. I have taken some pictures with a similar era coachwood butt to display the differences.
the front volley has been ground down which you would expect.
It is in skennertons list and the date to stores matches the date on the butt ( March 45)
the barrel has a serial number of 250 which is a bit of a mystery, as while it could be a serial a 3 digit one would be fairly unlikel.
what is more convincing is the P for paint stamp on the barrel. And yes the action is painted khaki green see pic.
the barrel is blued up to about an inch in front of the Knox and I believe the difference in finish is where the barrel/ receiver was painted up to as the woodwork would protect the rest of the barrel.
I also have a mint ishapore that is the same.
The action is parkerised but the re numbered (matching) bolt is blued.
I do not have the mounts but I have a p18 scope .
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