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sheeese , i thought i had visited the M1carbine site at CSP for a miniute there , :>}

glad to see so much civility here though , someone said in my novice days - "NEVER SAY NEVER OR ALWAYS WHEN IT COMES TO ENFIELDS" i took that to heart and its been proven over and over ,

i think its important to have the pieces as accurate as possible - but having said that the FTR puts a diferent slant on whats accurate doesnt it ?
and these NIW rifles are giving the "NEVER BEEN SHOT" BS new legs ,
be happy with your rifles -they are yours[for now] have them as you like them , but dont put SH&* on them that never was there , and dont make up justifications for altering them - just admit you think its better if you must ,
i like them as i get them mostly - i have fixed broken stuff and tried to replace missing parts when i could find the right vintage ,
personaly i dont add target sights but some do , i dont switch out missmatched wood or refinish but some do , i dont iron out dents and dings but some do , im not fooled into thinking those rifles are "factory fresh" or 'unfired specimins' [the cup i left at the lab at my last doctor visit is more factory fresh and unfired than those rifles]

i guess if the mans rifle is marked mkIII it can have a cutoff - if its marked mkIII* it probably shouldnt , and if he bothers to research it a bit he can justify what he does to it ,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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