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No "restoration" needed ... that rifle is essentially a 1945 No1 MkIII* on the basis it was FTR'd at the factory that year.

Itmay have gone on to serve in Korea in that configuration, so it could have made plenty of history since.

Put a magazine cutoff, and you're essentially tampering with history ... although I suppose no mods are needed to the rifle, and it's easily enough removed.

Go removing the stock for the "proper" fore end with volleys, and all you'll have is a civvy tampered bitzer that would look ridiculous with its parkerising and 1945 era components.

Yes, the action was made in 1917, but does that mean I should "restore" my Lithgow HT sniper - which was converted in 1944 on a 1916 action - back to its original No1 MkIII GReat War configuration ... yep, the fake balls on the dog analogy sounds about right ...
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