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'These will have the almost anonymous ("B") socket markings, with 41-43 dates..."---DocAV

Make that "40-44 dates", actually and I think you'd better try a little harder next more phoning it in!
I'll tell you what...when I get a hankering to hear from a Board Certified know-it-all, I expect much better results than your latest offering and I simply won't stand for sloppiness of this nature!
Get it right, you piker, or I'll sue you!
That's right, you heard right---a lawsuit. Just try and stop the American Legal System!
I'll sue you into the workhouse, I will and then the horses there in Blowfish Bay will just have to find a new physician!

PS. "If I really wanted to put you down, I would have really let you have it..." Likewise, I'm sure.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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