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Posted - 02/26/2004 : 4:08:25 PM
Anyone have a copy of the book "Testing the War Weapons: Rifles and Light Machine Guns from Around the World".
Someone told me that the Carcano ranks up in the top 5 rifles in the book. Anyone have this book and can give a summary of where the Carcano stands?
I went to buy this book and apparently it is out of print.

Posted - 02/27/2004 : 08:42:59 AM
Testing the War Weapons, by Timothy J. Mullin. I have the book , and his top 5 weapons are, in order:

1. 1917 Enfield (pattern 14)
2. Swiss K-31
3. M91 Carcano cavalry carbine w/fixed sights
4. U.S.M-1 Carbine
5. SIG 550 assault rifle.

Interesting book, you see many different weapons from a new perspective. Garry Owen

Posted - 02/27/2004 : 09:38:26 AM
Originally posted by drillsgt66

Testing the War Weapons, by Timothy J. Mullin...
3.M91 Carcano cavalry carbine w/fixed sights
Please kindly check this again. I am fairly sure that you may have misremembered, and that Mullin describes either the M 1938 or the M 91/38 short rifle (with fixed sights, indeed).

Posted - 03/02/2004 : 01:13:54 AM
By pure luck I managed to locate a copy of this book for a reasonable price. It arrived today and I have spent the entire evening pouring over it. WOW! If you can find it, DEFINITELY get a copy of this book. I see why used copies are going for so much!! This book covers just about ALL of the major milsurp rifles, including the Madsen M47, G33/40, M93 Spanish Mausers, Mosins, Arisakas, and more, plus all the major LMGs. Interesting that he calls the M60 junk...
Quite a few Type-o's and errors, the section on the Belgian Mausers shows soldiers armed with M1888 commission rifles, whatever.

It seems that the "top 5" list isn't in any specific order, but rather by category.
1917 Enfield is the Best WWI rifle. The K31 is the best straight pull.
The M91 Carcano Carbine with fixed sights is the best bolt action in the two world wars.
The M1 carbine is the best rifle of WW2 (assumably behind the M91/38 Carcano Carbine, which he rated the best of the two world wars).
The SIG 550/StG-90 was rated the best overall rifle tested.

Also, it seems the only Italian rifles tested were the "M91", "M91 Carbine w/fixed sights and folding bayonet", "M91 Carbine with no bayonet and adjustable rear sights", and "M38 Carbine in 7.35 with fixed rear sights". From the pictures and descriptions it seems he reviewed the M91 Long Rifle, M91/38 Cav. Carbine, M91/28, M38 short rifle in 7.35

It seems to me the author is talking about the M91/38 Cavalry Carbine w/folding bayonet as the #1 rifle of both world wars, since that was the only "M91 Carbine with fixed rear sight" he tested.

Posted - 03/02/2004 : 04:44:47 AM
I have had that book for many years, and admittidly, since I have read it all, I almost wished I could get a high price for the book, haha, very good book though, I trust authors' reviews, as he is a former military officer concerned with combat worthiness of a rifle and whether or not is could make unnecessary noise on patrols, and that is it, no politics involved.

Posted - 03/02/2004 : 08:35:06 AM
Carcano, I disagree! I returned to the book "Testing the War Weapons" by Timothy J. Mullin. In the section on Italian rifles , he tests only one carbine with fixed sights and it has an integral bayonet. My original statement stands. Sorry. Garry Owen!

Posted - 03/03/2004 : 4:04:26 PM
Am reading the book right now, and it's fantastic--highly recommended. I managed to pick up a mint copy at a local gunshow this past weekend for $15.00, best buy I've made in some time.

Posted - 03/03/2004 : 7:11:31 PM
Boy, I'd say, the books were like $35 new about six or more years ago, and last I looked, I believe they were going $45 new printed, when they were printed. I paid $35 for mine.
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