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I wonder:
Has this Carcano article by John P. Sheehan been published in the meantime?

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Moderator - WWI Arms & Militaria Collector
Posted - 04/16/2006 : 12:20:53 PM

I'm working on an article on the M1891 Carcano and its WWI variants for Guns, but do not expect it to appear until sometime in early 2007. I will submit photos of both my Bersaglieri display as well as the new Czech Legion display when I submit the article.

I have already turned in an article on the Mle 89 Belgian Mauser that is slated to appear in the Guns annual and a transitional black powder cartridge rifle article that is scheduled to run in the August monthly edition.

Behind that is an article on the M95 Mannlicher, which should make it in one of the fall magazines. Completed, but without photos yet is an article on the Mle 86 Lebel. The next article after that is half finished. It will cover the Model 1903 Springfield and the .30-06 cartridge. I know Jeff wanted to sneak that one in sometime this fall with it being the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the .06 cartridge.

HMMMM? I wonder where all of my spare time went? It's been a busy year!
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