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Here are some related links, in no particular order. Feel free to add to the list if you got any good ones.

Pettson's Place
New address, again. Work still in progress, but should be back up soon... Like in 2007. Or so.

Mats' Weapons Page

Dutchman's House of Karlina

Husqvarna Shotguns

Swedish Military Ammunition


Husqvarna Fabriksmuseum

Göta Association for Weapons History

Vintage Gunlore
On the HVA m/1907, and more.

Norwegian Military Small Arms
Interesting site on Norwegian firearms. Of special interest is the abridged, twisted and biased history lesson on the m/40 page.
Get your facts right and learn to live with them...
Finnish author Arto Paasilinna had a very different take on the subject, perhaps this should be posted as the truth also? Ah well, this is hardly the place for that...

Varberger rifles

Flodman guns

Gyttorp Cartridge Company

Mimek bullet moulds

Bayonets of Scandinavia

The 8x63 Swedish Website

Schultz & Larsen

Sako Finland


Aimpoint sights

FX Airguns
A forum member's site on firearms from Husqvarna and Kongsberg.


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Just browsing through some of the links and noticed, that:

post #1 - arilar's two movie links don't work

post #4 - Carcano's "Two Swedish Manuals..." links don't connect to manuals

post #8 - Carcano's "Svenska vapenstiftelsen" link doesn't work

Does anyone have updated URL's for these???

Needless to say (but I'll say it, anyway), I did not test all of the links.
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