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Just curious, i read a post the other day, where someone bought a nib chinese
mak-90 and he was suprised the his owners manual listed the life of the barrel at 5.000 rounds!
This brought back a lot of memories, where i remember reading back in the late 90s, the the avg. life of a chinese ak was 5.000-6.000 round as to where the avg. of non-chin. was 20.000-30.000!
I do have a few chin. and they are my fav.ones, but i did in 98 buy a nib chin.
Tok. pistol and it listed the service life of the gun at only 2.000 rounds in the owners manual!
So what is the reason for the listing of such low barrel life? I also do remember reading in the 90s, to mainly stay away from chin. guns due to this,
however it seems the chin. are the most desired ones!
Thank You!
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