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I'm way too slow with these at present... But, I'm still here... :sorry:
Ohrdruf, sunday the 29th of july 1917
My dearest good Karl!
Today on sunday i received your dear letter number 135, I enjoyed it a lot and thank you heartfelt for it. For today I have for once not harvested anything in the garden, as for the berries there was not much this year, but there was (Buscbohnen) already, the (stangenbohnen) are just coming, the first ones stay hanging for seeds. Imagine we three sisters, little Liese and Walter went on foot (Walter in the carriage) to the Schweigers cabin, it was quite beautiful, but the thoughts are far away, always with you dearest, when will the time come, when we both with our little boy can roam the forest and meadows? It was past 9.30, as we came back home and we were hardly inside the house, when a thunderstorm came, but it rained litle, where you are it apparently rains more and still we always seem to have similar weather. For today 1000 heartfelt kisses and greetings from your true Rosalie and Walter.
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