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My first milsurp was a Mitchel's, an unissued M48bo. I didn't know beans about MM, Yugoslav (or any other make of) Mauser at the time. But I can say now that the M48 I got is as manufactured.

The big beef with MM was based on false advertising and price gouging. At the time I got this, we (My wife got it for me for our 13th wedding anniversary.) paid something like $298 when they were available all over the web in the same condition for $79. I found these forums only after getting the rifle. Live and learn <shrug>.

About the advertising of these, they were listed as M98/48 rifles "made on German equipment" with other references to German making to suggest these were German made for WWII "preserved by a fluke of history." There was lots more along the same line. They have long since cut back on the falsehoods.

Of course, there was/is an "M98/48" but, that isn't what they were selling!
Here are a couple of their older ads that will give you some idea of their BS...

Wow. What total lies! I lol'ed at "supplies will not last long."
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